Electronic Consent & Electronic Delivery of Documents
June 15, 2022

I agree that any time I click or have clicked on an “I Agree,” “I Consent” or other similarly worded button or entry field with my mouse, keystroke or other device, my agreement or consent is legally binding and enforceable against me and is the legal equivalent of my handwritten signature on an agreement that is printed on paper. I agree to be bound by any affirmation, assent or agreement that I transmit, or have transmitted, to or through this website (the “Platform”) by computer or other electronic device, including internet, telephonic and wireless devices, including but not limited to any consent I give or have given to receive communications from Startly Inc. (Ontario) or any of its affiliates (“Startly”) solely through electronic transmission.

I understand that, to the fullest extent permitted by law, any notices, disclosures, forms, privacy statements, reports or other communications, including any tax-related information or documents to the extent provided below (collectively, “Communications”), regarding the investments available on the Platform, and my investment in any such investments, may be delivered by electronic means, such as by e-mail or through the Platform. I consent to electronic delivery as described in the preceding sentence. In so consenting, I acknowledge that e-mail messages are not secure and may contain computer viruses or other defects, may not be accurately replicated on other systems or may be intercepted, deleted or interfered with, with or without the knowledge of the sender or the intended recipient. I also acknowledge that an e-mail from Startly may be accessed by recipients other than me and may be interfered with, may contain computer viruses or other defects and may not be successfully replicated on other systems. I understand that Startly gives no warranties in relation to these matters.

I consent to the delivery of tax documents through the Platform. I understand that I may withdraw this consent before my tax document is furnished. In providing this consent, I also acknowledge that I have received Startly’ Information on the Electronic Delivery of Tax Documents, included below.

I further understand and agree to each of the following:

• As long as my consent remains in effect, Startly may provide all Communications to me electronically in lieu of providing paper Communications.

• Hardware and software that I will need. Electronic Communications may be provided to me via e-mail and/or the Platform. In order to view and retain the Communications, my computer hardware and software must, at a minimum, be capable of accessing the Internet, with connectivity to an Internet Service Provider or any other capable communications medium, and with software capable of viewing and printing a *.pdf file created by Adobe Acrobat. Further, I must have a personal e-mail address capable of sending and receiving e- mail messages to and from Startly. To print the documents, I will need access to a printer compatible with my hardware and the required software.

• If these software or hardware requirements change in the future, Startly will notify me through the Platform.

• To facilitate these services, I must provide Startly with my current e-mail address and update that information as necessary. Unless otherwise required by law, I will be deemed to have received any electronic Communications that are sent to the most current e-mail address that I have provided to Startly.

• Startly will not assume liability for non-receipt of notification of the availability of electronic Communications in the event my e-mail address on file is invalid, my e-mail or Internet service provider filters the notification as “spam” or “junk mail,” there is a malfunction in my computer, browser, Internet service and/or software, or for any other reasons beyond the control of Startly.

• I may withdraw my consent to receive Communications in electronic form by calling Startly at 1-647-426-5125. If I withdraw my consent to receive Communications in electronic form, Startly may, at its option and in its sole discretion, (A) terminate my account with Startly that was created through the Platform (“My Account”), (B) restrict or limit the actions I may take through or with respect to My Account, including, but not limited to, restricting my ability to purchase investments through My Account, and (C) charge me a fee of $20 for each paper copy of each Communication that would have been provided to me electronically if I had not withdrawn my consent. Any withdrawal of my consent to receive electronic Communications will not affect or impact in any way the terms of this Agreement or my agreement to the Terms of Use Agreement for the Platform.