Target Return: 20-25% per year*

Valour Partners Diversified Equity Fund LP (The Fund) investments include private equity investments (common and/or preferred equity) in connection with the acquisition, development, construction and/or renovation of real estate projects/properties, primarily located in Southern Ontario, which may be controlled by the Valour Group of Companies. The Fund’s objective is to grow the capital base of the Fund through equity investments while diversifying the investment portfolio to reduce overall risk. The Fund, acting through its general partner, Valour Partners Inc. (GP), will be given access to a pipeline of investments not offered to the general public and hence targets a higher annual return.


• Access to proprietary pipeline of high yield portfolio investments primarily controlled by the Valour Group of Companies
• Professionally managed with a target of capital growth
• Quarterly updates and annual unaudited financial statements

Valour Partners Diversified Equity Fund


Offering: $10M
Minimum Investment: $100,000
Term: 2 years, and three (3), 6 month extensions.
Security: Direct/indirect beneficial ownership in the underlying real estate projects/properties.
Eligible Investments: Cash
Eligible Investors: Accredited
Closing: Multiple closings

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*No assurances can be given that the Target Return will be achieved; see the Limited Partnership Agreement for detailed terms and conditions.